Benefits of Detox in Rehabilitation

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We understand how painful withdrawal can be

For people that are profoundly addicted to a substance, such as illegal drugs, prescription medication, or alcohol, abruptly stopping the use of this substance isn’t just scary, but it can be harmful and life-threatening also. Either by going ‘cold turkey’ or attempting to use their willpower to stop, many people affected by substance abuse disorders have attempted to quit in the past. Attempts to stop using without professional help usually fail due to the fact that substance abuse is extremely powerful and the underlying reasons for using have not been addressed. Detox is NOT rehabilitation, though detox is an essential tool and an important step towards recovering. Only if followed by a treatment program will detoxification to be an efficient process.

There are two kinds of detox available: social detoxification and medically supervised withdrawal. Social detoxification is utilized with addicts who aren’t chronic substance abusers, and involves behavioral modeling, support from friends and family, and a partially-supervised atmosphere so as to assist addicts cope with their withdrawal. Medically supervised withdrawal is best used with addicts who are chronic substance abusers, and incorporates round the clock clinical supervision in an inpatient environment. This kind of detox is typically assisted by prescribed medicines that help decrease the discomfort of withdrawal.

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